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Whether you are an attorney representing a client and looking for an arbitrator, or you are a litigant facing a dispute to be resolved by arbitration, Kevin A. Eike has the experience to act as the arbitrator for your dispute.  Mr. Eike has over 20 years of experience in the legal community ranging from serving as a Deputy District Attorney, to working at a large corporate law firm, to practicing civil defense litigation, to plaintiff's civil litigation.  This vast range of experience has given him a unique perspective which gives him a competitive advantage over other arbitrators as he is able to see disputes from both sides enabling him to make a fair decision based on the facts, law, and evidence.  Mr. Eike is a court appointed arbitrator in Multnomah, Marion, Tillamook, Clatsop,  and Washington Counties in Oregon as well as serves on Arbitration Services of Portland's (ASP) and American Arbitration Association's (AAA) arbitrator panels.  Mr. Eike regularly serves as an arbitrator on matters involving real estate, construction, business, commercial disputes, personal injury, debtor/creditor, employment and other subject matter disputes.



Mediation is much different than arbitration.  Effective mediation demands a unique skill set which Mr. Eike has honed over his 20 year career spent litigating on both plaintiffs' and defendants' respective sides of the  proverbial fence.  Successful mediators are able  to combine a facilitative model with an evaluative model in order to get both sides to negotiate a collaborative resolution which brings finality and certainty to the outcome of the dispute and effectively limits attorney fee exposure on both sides, something in everyone's best interest.  Whether your case is a small matter involving a neighbor to neighbor dispute, a large construction defect case with a dozen or more parties, a personal injury matter, employment law, or a commercial dispute, Mr. Eike is confident he can help the parties work towards resolving the dispute.   


Kevin A. Eike Arbitrator and Mediator

Mr. Eike began his mediation training mediating disputes between his 4 brothers and sisters growing up as the middle child.  When his parents, Ron and Shirley, told him he would be a great lawyer when he was 5, he pursued that goal over the past nearly 40 years which brought him to where he is now, running a successful law practice at Eike Law PC as well as serving as an arbitrator and mediator.  He is certified in mediation training by the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution, is a court appointed arbitrator in Washington, Marion, Clatsop, Tillamook, and Multnomah County Circuit Courts, and serves as an arbitrator and mediator for Arbitration Services of Portland (ASP) and American Arbitration Association's (AAA).  He has been through hundreds of mediations and arbitrations representing clients and has worked hard to earn and maintain a reputation in the legal community as a tuff but fair litigator who fairly evaluates his cases and routinely takes matters to arbitration and trial when a fair settlement cant be reached.

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